We now offer

Full Inventory Management Solution

Backup all sales and deliveries

Process invoices using EDI and manual entry

Product mix analysis

Gross margin monitored constantly

Partial inventory information updated every 2 minutes

UPC tobacco data discounts

Daily flagged product information updated every 2 minutes

Automatic order generation to your vendors

POS Backup

Physical inventory included

We are your

Inventory Control Manager

Category Manager

Loss Prevention Manager

Sales Analysis

Inventory Bookkeeper

Product Order Specialist

Your store will see

Optimized inventory level

Reduced theft

Lower out of stocks

Reduced Product Returns

Less work for managers

No new software or hardware to learn.


Your cost

$200 deposit for installation

$550 initial UPC inventory and setup (standard store)

1.25 % of total monthly indoor sales after that.

System begins ordering in 60 days 

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